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Carol and I met through work just shortly after my life changing move from Scotland to live in Hertfordshire.  Carol is from Texas and met her husband Iain (from Saffron Walden) while they were both holidaying in Mexico.  The random chain of events that brought them together then led her to my office as a temp and she was sent to me for training.  Carol fondly remembers that she took one look at me from the other side of the room and thought “great, she looks happy”.   


I obviously cheered up after that because here we are 6 years later.  Our friendship is mostly based on a shared love of country music, cocktails, dancing, wine, singing, light beer, Sex and the City, cosmopolitans, old movies, getting drunk and rowdy, staying up till the wee small hours, did I say cocktails?


Carol kept me sane BC (before Chris) and her calming influence and sense of humour got me through some tough times.  Mostly she just makes me laugh which takes the edge off the ridiculous things that seem to happen to me (i.e. the landlady from hell).


Since meeting Chris things haven’t changed. He too shares a love of getting drunk and rowdy and staying up till the wee small hours, although he usually passes on Sex and the City and the cocktails.  Carol, Iain, Chewy and Liz (the hairy kids) have been known to come round on Friday night and leave on Sunday after a weekend of Mario Kart and Band Hero.


Carol’s outstanding organisations skills and rationality in times of crisis earned her place as Chief Bridesmaid.  An example of this is when I accidentally locked us out.  I phoned Chris (who was very drunk and in Nottingham at the time) to moan while Carol mastered the art of breaking into our house with a twig and a piece of string.



I couldn’t be more thankful to Carol for all her help with the hen night, for being available most weekends for hair and makeup trials, tastings, dress fittings and talking me down from the edge every time there’s a drama but most of all for being an absolutely brilliant friend.