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David and I have known each other for a long time now.  It all started back in 19?? (no really – I can’t remember any of these dates!!) and it’s been over 10 years of brilliant friendship ever since. He actually started out working for me. Well, “working” is a strong word ... he was employed to be my right hand man. There. Is that better? We were actually both “working” for Lorraine. Fortunately we were both masters of smoke and mirrors and in true “beam me up Scotty” style we were able to impress everyone with our skills and get away with being brilliant for very little effort ;-)  Though we’re both still at PayPoint, Dave has now moved on to do real work as a tester, whereas I’m still running the same smoke and mirrors routine (it’s not really true – he worked very hard, honest!)

Amongst our daily “duties” we found time to co-author the department news letter “The REM” where Dave guest-starred as “Mystic Dave” (it’s a long time ago – think “Mystic Meg” and if you’re too young to remember - look it up on YouTube) and foretold our future (in a work sense), and occasionally added a genuine original short story. I had my monthly (or was it weekly?) “Dr Data” column. Don’t laugh – I’m thinking of resurrecting it for a digital newsletter :-D

Of course, you can’t have a laugh every day in the office without becoming close friends out of the office, so that’s how it started.


We had the occasional night out, but most of my drinking with Dave has been down the Shire Park Club. Lunchtimes, evenings (no – I didn’t drive home, I walked!) company parties. Those were the days! One day I’d begun to notice that one of the new girls was up for a few drinks (about 10 pints if you let her!!!) and a laugh and was always inviting Dave and I to the club. Increasingly, Dave would stay behind to man the fort and it’d be just her and me out for lunch. We were fairly good friends but there was just something that I was just missing. Eventually she actually had to tell me that she wasn’t THAT interested in coming to the pub with me – she was actually after Dave!  Of course I’m talking about Amy. I’m not going to tell you the lengths she actually went to to snare Dave (you’ll have to ask them – it’s a funny story!), but she got her man in the end!  I’m glad she did too. They’re both in our circle of best friends and we love spending time with them.

It was my pleasure to be an usher for Dave at their wedding. It wasn’t such a pleasure to be mistaken for the best man at his stag do, but that’s another story we’re not telling!!


He’s a true geek with the rest of us, just usually more vocal about the slightly embarrassing things in public than the rest of us might be. It doesn’t matter – he always makes us laugh. And he’s got a way with words. Any story Dave tells is going to be good. It usually takes a few beers, and a mention about a female relation, but it’ll make us laugh in the end!



In recent years, the Nottingham trip is the most infamous. Now, we’d all had a few pints, but only Dave can sing like that. In McDonalds. At Midnight. I think that’s when J tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to introduce Mr Gray. You had to be there. It was hilarious. I don’t need to tell you the kind of hangover we all had the next day! These things are going to happen if you start the day playing a pub game machine where you have to select the wrong answer to get the question right :-)

One thing I can tell you about Dave is that he knows his films. I think he’s seen pretty much every one ever. Seriously – occasionally you’ll pull something out of left field to try and catch him out, but no. He’ll have seen it. Probably owned it (and sold it to me in a house clearance) at sometime too! I’m sure that he ought to start writing reviews for Love Film or something!


Dave’s been a rock to rely on when I needed one and I hope I’ve been there for him when he needed me. I was there when he checked his oil for the first time, and there when he bought his first house (how’s the eye Dave?). I was there when he disassembled his kitchen lights without checking which wire was live and there when he re-roofed his first shed … didn’t it rain?!

I could write stories about the adventures of Dave and Chris for ever but I’ll start to sound like Enid Blyton. We’ve had many laughs, and found ourselves in a few odd situations and laughed all the way through them all. I don’t think we’ve ever had a cross word to say to each other!


Dave just had to be part of our big day. There’s never been a question of it and I’m honoured that he’s one of my ushers. He’s honest, kind, trustworthy and sincere. I couldn’t ask for more from one of my closest friends. Thanks Dave.