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I can’t remember meeting Gayle for the first time, probably because we were only 4 years old when we started at Mossgiel Primary School in Dundee in 1983. I don’t remember our first conversation or how it was decided, I just know she’s my best friend and she always has been.

My earliest memories of Gayle are walking home from school with her while she made me laugh telling me these weird hilarious stories she just used to make up. We were constantly getting into trouble in class for making each other laugh. I will never forget the time we were separated in sewing class for chatting. She was sent to sit in the corner of the room on a chair with no desk and as a result managed to sew a dinosaur to her school skirt.

When we were around 10 years old Gayle would to come to school with 5 badges positioned down her school tie N.K.O.T and B each with a picture of Joe, Danny, Donnie, Jon and Jordan. I was so jealous

In our early teens we spent our time watching music videos and singing into hairbrushes. We wore each other’s clothes and stole Gayle’s older sister Amy’s make-up as we started to discover boys and parties. In our late teens we discovered night clubs and spent every night we possibly could on the dance floor of Dundee’s Mardi-gras or Distills.

Gayle’s daughter Rachelle was born in 1997 putting an end to the clubbing. We decided to forgive her for this only on account of her being an absolutely adorable baby. To compensate however we set about teaching her some things 1. All the words to teenage dirt bag 2. The words and the dance moves to Hanging Tough and Step by Step. Ok so we never really grew out of the New Kids phase. Despite this cruelty I think Gayle did a pretty good job raising Rachelle who’s turned out to be a very confident young lady (is she really turning 13 this year????) but I’ll get to her in a minute.

One of the most difficult things about leaving Dundee in 2004 was leaving these two. Luckily Gayle and I have the kind of friendship where we could spend years without seeing each other, but when we do, it’s like no time passed at all. As for Rachelle, she just loves having a “sort of adopted Auntie type thing” (as she recently referred to me) and more now an ‘Uncle’ Chris (who I’m sure she likes more) to spoil her every time we do see her.

Gayle was there with me when my parents split up, she’s been there for me (and my family) in times of crises, she’s watched me make a fool of myself a million times and she’s held my hair when I’ve been sick. There is no way I'm getting married without her.

“You will always be my friend you know too much.”