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Itís true to say that I donít actually remember how James and I met! It was definitely at work (I think) but beyond that itís pretty hazy. However, I strongly suspect that from the off we knew thereíd be a lot of fun to be had together! I put this memory loss largely down to the enormous quantities of beer that we have managed to consume over the last several years in testament to that fact. James has always been a Stella man, try as I might to convert him. Of course, heís been trying just as had to convert me to Stella, and itís safe to say heís had more success (for the record I still like REAL beer!)


As it turned out, James and I have pretty much everything in common. We both love drinking, partying, Star Wars, Guitar Hero, LOTR, Cheesy Epic Blockbuster movies, Star Wars, Drinking ... the list goes on.


It wasnít too long before we were properly good mates, and weíd spend many a night with the lads being proper geeks. No, Iím not going to elaborate.


We were young, free and single and began spending most of our free time drinking, conquering Middle Earth on the x-box (original version Ė showing my age now!), rocking to Guitar Hero and living out of each otherís spare rooms.  We spent uncountable hours watching Kerrang (Go Home Toby!!!), playing Warcraft (affectionately known as Warcrack for itís addictive qualities!) , playing even more GH and of course teaching me to like Stella Ö and eventually decided the best way to save more money for drinking was for James to move in with me.



So, the spare bedroom got a makeover and some swanky Ikea goodies and we had ourselves a proper Bachelor pad. After a while it was time for a new TV and gadgets (thereís a story there, but itíll wait for another time!) which unfortunately made GH more difficult, still it is very cool! It wasnít all plain sailing, and we had our fair share of fights Ė mostly over Guitar Hero. Letís face it, weíve both got pretty large competitive egos  (I know, itís hard to tell by looking at me isnít it!) Ė but we managed to resolve them all by vowing never to compete against each other again. Ever. No, I really really mean it Ė itíll get ugly :-)


It was with James (and J) that I had my first opportunity to fulfil a life-long ambition to go skiing. I donít think Iíd have ever done it without him so a huge Thank you. That first week in Tignes was an amazing time and full of real laughs. I think that might be the first time James realised that I am pretty much fearless. To his credit, he was right behind me every step of the way! Ask either of us about it some time ;-) Itís turned into a real passion of mine, even though itís a very rare treat.



Back in the UK, it was on a night out with James in the Cork that I first met Cheryl. James met Mari and it was the beginning of the end of our bachelor pad days.



That hasnít stopped us seeing as much of each other as possible of course.  Thereís the famous Nottingham trip (Itís got a mention in Dave and Carolís bioís too!), and the Infamous Dundee trip, we still have a geek nights, and Guitar Hero has evolved into a Band. Unbelievably (for me at least) the groomsmen have only met once as far as I recall Ö at ďStar Wars, a Musical JourneyĒ [Ed: Make that 2 now for the Stag]. Donít mock Ė it was brilliant and very cultured. At the O2, The London Philharmonic Orchestra was there and we actually saw Anthony Daniels in the flesh! (OK, so itís a bit geeky ;-)



Thereís many more stories to tell, and not to tell, and I wouldnít be the same without James. I canít say how thankful I am to be best mates with him, and I canít imagine the day without him as my Best Man.  Thanks for everything mate!