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The first memory I have of Kevin I swear, we were in the back of the Taxi taking him home from hospital very soon after he was born. I think I remember the nurse telling him as she passed him to my Mum you be good . At only 2 and a half myself I can never be sure if I actually remember this or if I just remember my Mum telling about it. One thing I do know, he didnt listen.

As far as brothers and sisters go,  Kevin and I are not exactly "Same Difference" or "Donnie and Marie". Kev is absolutely your typical boy and I was always your stereotypical girl. He liked Star Wars, climbing trees and He-Man while I liked make-up, dancing and Barbie so I dont suppose there was really much for us to go on. We were constantly fighting.

I remember being quite smug about the fact that I was the good child. Kevin was always in trouble at school which meant my misdemeanours usually flew under the radar. When your brother is constantly being suspended from school you look like an angel in comparison. I dont suppose the fact that a teacher once asked him why cant you be more like your sister? helped our relationship much.

Kevin was always bored, he hated being inside and although he was bright he wasnt academic at all. He drove his teachers mad, he drove my Mum mad and yes the drove me mad. Adolescent girls do not like the game where someone holds their finger right in front of your face and says repeatedly What? Im not touching you AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

The madness continued into our teens and I can honestly say there were times when I could have killed him. You never know perhaps my wedding day will be the day I finally forgive him for writing off my car.........or should I say cars?

At 19 years old Kevin decided to join the army and my out of control, delinquent little brother became a man almost overnight. Kevin passed out in Catterick in 2001 as Best Recruit and Best Shot and the additional honour of being awarded a Marksman badge (we were told by a senior officer that only one other time has this badge been awarded to a recruit). That was me.....up-staged, damn him and his 20/20 vision.

Id like to say that as weve grown older Kevin and I have a new found understanding of each other....nope! Hes still He-Man and Im still Barbie and we just dont get each other. What we have found instead is a lot more respect and a enormous pride in each others achievements. Anyone who knows me will have heard me going on (and on) about Kevin, his girls, his career.

Kev will be playing the role of Brother of the Bride and will be giving me away (although I think maybe someone should tell him he wont get anything back in return, it would be just like him to try to swap me for a PS3 or something). Kevin and I would much rather scream abuse at each other than say how we really feel so I wont be telling him on the day that there is no-one that I would rather have to do this job and how proud I will be to have him there. And Ill probably never get around to telling him that although there have been times when I wanted to shove him back in that Taxi (he rode in on), life is never dull with him around Im really glad hes my brother.


Good luck Kev x