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Mina is my sister-in-law, wife of my brother Kevin and the mother of my two beautiful nieces Bella and Rosa. Mina is Croatian and met my brother while on a night out in Hamburg in 2002, from what I hear he was in the process of being thrown out of a bar, when she decided he was the man for her. They married in 2007 and now live in Fallingbostel, Germany near Kevin’s base.



I first met Mina when Kevin brought her home to Dundee for summer in 2002. Although Mina had studied English for many years and spoke it perfectly she had real trouble understanding a word. Mina is now fluent in Scot-English and can often be heard saying things like “aye” and “hoose”.


Although she is mostly a lovely, kind and polite person, like most people in our family Mina can be a little hot tempered ( especially when pregnant). My brother has learned never again to tell her how to cook eggs, not when she has eighteen of them in her hand. I never did get my egg roll that morning.


I’m not allowed to go shopping with Mina, it’s forbidden. Her favourite saying is “Cheryl, this is brilliant! you have to buy this!”. We will come with more bags than Victoria Beckham and Colleen Rooney. I may also have gotten myself into trouble with the phone bill. Apparently 3 hour calls to Germany aren’t cheap....oops!




As far as sister-in-laws go I thank my lucky stars for Mina . As well as being a brilliant Mum to my nieces she’s also my friend and the closest thing I have to a real sister. It might not be the easiest thing in the world to co-ordinate but I’m delighted to be having Mina as one of my bridesmaids.