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I first met Rachelle when she was around 2 weeks old when my best friend her Mum Gayle brought her round to visit me. I have to admit she wasnít overly impressed at first, she had stolen my clubbing partner and she was a bit noisy. On the plus side, she was cute and quite funny and seemed to like listening to me sing.




As Rachelle got older we spent quite a bit of time together, I loved taking her places, she was so excitable and had so much fun doing practically anything. We went bowling, swimming, to the cinema to see Harry Potter and Shrek, trips to the park and the beach, crazy golf. One of my favourite times in London was the day it was just Rachelle and me, she was so excitable soaking up the sights we had the best day AND..............they had sugar free slush puppies!!



Although it was always a lot of fun being around Rachelle it could also be exhausting......sheís pretty bright.....and she asks A LOT of questions...... so many questions my head would hurt by the time I took her home. Both Rachelle (the Sudoku queen) and I were delighted when Chris came on the scene when she was around 9. He had ALL the answers and endless energy............apparently science is fun!?


I say all of this but things change oh so quickly and....... something has happened to Rachelle recently. That wide eyed enthusiastic child is no more. In her place is some kind of teenage thing with a side fringe, all full of attitude and I warn you now, never ever play Super Mario Bros Multiplayer with her. She has a drum kit in the front room and .......please donít even talk to me about the boyfriend.


Rachelle turns 13 this year and I really donít know where the years have gone, Iím just glad I was around to share them. These days Rachelle just loves listening to me lecture her about not dying her hair, going to university, healthy eating... basically all of the things I didnít listen to when I was her age.



All in all Rachelle is a lovely girl sheís bright, funny (definitely inherited her mothers wit) and to top it off beautiful and Iím so very proud of her. I like to think of myself as a sort of a Fairy Godmother, no matter how big she gets, whenever she needs me Iíll be there.