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Zoe is the adorable daughter of Rich and Sarah. I have known her from the bump she began as to the beautiful little girl she has become. I believe it was a day or two after she was born that I first laid eyes on her. Mum was recovering well but Dad looked a bit worn out - I think it may have been the shock of the first nappy change still keeping him awake at night ;-)



It feels like almost no time has passed and she's 4, almost 5, already! She's a very bright, excitable "young'un" (as long as she hasn't just woken up from a long car ride - in which case she's grumpy!)

I was chuffed to be able to buy her first Dr Seuss box set, and of course her big winter coats that she refer's to as "Christopher's Coat" - so cute!!



Zoe likes Ballet, Tap, Swimming and riding her bike. She's very good at reading and likes to ready you a story before bedtime. She'll be going to school in a few months!



Rich and Sarah are lucky to have such a lovely daughter and I'm delighted to have been part of her life so far. It's our pleasure that she'll be one of our flower girls and if we're not careful I'm sure will be stealing the limelight :-)